Reasons to Use a Bitcoin Mixer


Good Bitcoin mixers support multiple languages, instant transfers, custom fee selection, and usage on the Tor network. They play an important role in preserving the privacy of the user, it is impossible to link bitcoin transactions to the senders.

Bitcoin transactions can be linked to the owner’s identity through a public blockchain. So, what is a bitcoin mixer? A Bitcoin mixer enables the user to increase financial privacy and prevent exposing finances to hackers. Here are reasons why you should consider using a Bitcoin mixer.

Protecting Your Identity

bitcoin mixersBitcoin mixer services are meant to ease the use of owners. Signing up is not required to start up a profile. Most of them do not send a PGP key verification. Their logs, transaction history do not require emails, names, and other personal information. Any transaction you make will not be linked to you and the origin.

Bitcoin mixer will not give away the source or the reason for the transaction in case your transaction is linked to your identity. It operates by obscuring the connection between bitcoin transactions and bitcoin users’ identities. Transaction logs are deleted after every 72 hours to protect the user’s privacy. The link between the sending address and receiving address is wiped off.

To Avoid Hacking

Hackers have a habit of striking when nobody is looking. Hot wallets connected to the internet are at high risk of attacks from hackers. Using a bitcoin mixer you will conceal your wallet address.

If you have a big investment, hackers will always be hunting your wallets. Bitcoin mixers will provide privacy by mixing tokens and sending them to a secure wallet that is not exposed in the transactions.

Censorship Resistance

Financial censorship is common in some states, they censor by seizing funds and freezing accounts. Without Bitcoin mixers, the government can track your transactions on the Blockchain and hold your digital funds in your wallets. Preventing censorship is important especially for critics or opposition parties.

The transaction privacy offered by Bitcoin mixer makes bitcoin be used as a tool of speech and expression. Without privacy, opposition groups risk losing support if the state begins to target individuals funding them by tracking any transactions. It becomes easy to maintain anonymity when such groups are making donations.

bitcoin mixers

Blockchain Anonymity

The work of blockchain analysis companies is to track transactions and monitor the Bitcoin blockchain. They have techniques to connect IP addresses to bitcoin transactions. This means when you are using bitcoins for buying goods and services, you have to provide your personal information and address for delivery purposes.

A third party is not able to track your transaction information and other ID information. This also prevents the information from being shared or sold to third parties.…

Advantages of bitcoins


By now, you have probably heard of bitcoin. After all, bitcoin is gaining popularity worldwide. As a matter of fact, a significant number of individuals from around the world are in search of the best bitcoin exchange since they are now utilizing bitcoin transactions on a regular basis. However, there is no denying that tons of people are still questioning the legitimacy of bitcoins. For that matter, let us look at some of the benefits of using bitcoins in your monetary transactions.



To begin with, using bitcoins is much affordable compared to the conventional transfer services. For instance, if you wire money for $50, it would cost you $25. In addition to that, the receiving institution would still charge the recipient. On the other hand, bitcoin transfers are low cost. As a matter of fact, there are instances that the transaction is free of charge.


Although it is important to note that, your transaction will be processed faster if there is a fee. Nonetheless, you can still choose to transfer without spending any dime as far as service fees are concerned. There are cases too that merchants will put a service fee. The good this is that it would not go unnoticed. Hence, the fears of hidden charges are gone with bitcoin transfers.


The Next advantage of bitcoin transfers is the fact that it is borderless. This is because, with bitcoins, users are allowed to transfer anywhere in the world. In addition, there are no bank holidays with bitcoins. Apart from being borderless, it is limitless as well.


Compared to the conventional ways of transfers that take forever to complete a transfer, bitcoin transfers are very fast. To give you an idea, a bitcoin transfer can be done in 10 minutes. On a side note, bitcoin transfers are convenient too since anyone can make a transfer using their phones.


If you are a person who always put an emphasis on your privacy when doing some money-related transfers, bitcoins transfers are perfect for you. This is because, with bitcoin transactions, the personal information of the person processing the transfer is hidden.


As expected, the safety of the transactions is always an issue as far as money transfers are concerned. On the bright side, bitcoin transfers are guaranteed to be safe. This is particularly true if you are the merchant. Not only for merchants but also for any recipients in general. This is because there is no reversing of transactions with bitcoins.


In summary, bitcoin is drawing attention these days because this method of transfer can bring many benefits to its users. However, it is still worth mentioning that bitcoin transfers have its disadvantages too. After all, nothing is perfect on this planet. With that said, it is important to exercise caution when processing a transfer through bitcoin. Actually, not only with bitcoin but also with any method of money transfer.…